Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ALMOST THERE..... Giveaway

First I would like to announce our ''prayer sock'' winner...Congratulations Carol Miller, and thank you to everyone who participated. $250 was raised during that giveaway.

We attempted a Bake Sale giveaway but it was a flop without a single participant.  That means we still have lovely prizes to give away and we need some winners. And I can't think of a better time to celebrate with prizes than now.... Our paperwork has arrived in the desired country and that means we are waiting on travel dates. Yes you read that right wahoooo. We had expected to submit much sooner but there was a huge delay at no fault to ourselves. We have received a couple grants due to changes in our adoption and now we only need $9212 for in county fees. Ricky being 16 must wait up to 20 days on a background check to receive his passport, We are not sure if that time will be swallowed in our time there or if it will be added time, at this point we are not considering it in our financial need. We have had some changes to our adotion and we are adopting  4 children. We have added Denzel and Phoenix and another family is adopting Beth.... Our 4 kids will be home soon. If Denzel's adoption isn't completed by his 16th birthday we will also have the 20 day wait for him. AND....We have found someone to travel with us, YAY, That means we get to re-discuss getting to bring our kids. This person is great with kids and will help us travel safely with the children we are adopting. We need to raise an extra $1400 for her travel fees. She plans on staying our entire trip to help us with our bio's as well as the newly adopted children. All she wants out of it is to help orphans. We couldn't get the kids home without her help. That is a grand total of $10,612 and we will be FUNDED.  I honestly can not believe it. NOW WHO WANTS TO WIN SOME PRIZES????S

To Enter Simply donate $5 to our grant  HERE!  $5 will get you one chance OR every $20 will get you 5 chances. If you prefer to donate to our you caring page donate HERE
 Leave your name and the number of entries you donated  in the comment section here on the blog please. I will end this giveaway after we receive our travel dates.. Want a free entry? SHARE.  I will draw one name per prize until prizes are gone. I will also have a follow up post of all the winners once we draw. [we have added another family to this giveaway for the next 4 days see below]


                    OVER $800 IN PRIZES 

                                       IPOD NANO 16GB

comes with all you see here, keep the music you love with you always. 


                         NINJA MEGA KITCHEN SYSTEM   

Thank you Carol
Ninja MEGA kitchen system 1500[BL770]

What is in the box.....
1500 watt motor base, 72oz. Blender Pitcher lid, total crushing blades. 64oz food processor bowl, food processor lid, chopping blade, dough blade, 2 nutri ninja cups, nutri ninja pro extractor blade, 2 ninja go lids, instruction book, quick start guide, inspiration guide. 


Hand Made Flower power quilt

Beautiful Soft quilt- value 70.00 USD
Amazingly soft quilt. Machine pieced and quilted. Size 35x46, 
the more you wash it the softer it will get. 


Hand Made Beautiful Quilt

Beautiful Soft Quilt- Value 70.00 USD
Machine pieced and quilted. Size 35x46
The more you wash it the softer it will get. 


Thank you anonymous

A chance to give- Value 50.00 USD
Choose any child with a waiting grant listed on Reece's 
rainbow for this donation in your honor. 

           Hand painted stemware             
                                                               Thanks Amy


set of four hand painted glasses- value 66 USD
This is a beautiful set of glasses hand painted.


 Handmade afghan 
Thanks Frankie

''Spring Garden'' unique afghan - Value 65 USD
I have never seen such a beautiful afghan. This is for sure a one of a kind. 
it is absolutely breathtaking and made with love. 


Handmade wooden box
Thanks Amy

Wooden Box- Value 40 USD 
An original wooden box from box limited inc.
 NY 11559 Made in India


Premier Designs earrings 
Thanks Amy

Designer earrings -Value 26 USD
This high fashion jewelry item is creatively and uniquely made of glass, ceramic, natural, acrylic or man-made materials and is artistically hand crafted or hand-painted to create a premier style


Child's purse
Thank you kalee

Child Purse - Value 10 USD
The outer is a sturdy fabric and the inside is lined with blue suede cloth and has a pocket. Not counting the handle it is aprox 2.5x 5.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide


Home school families
you will be entered in this EXTRA giveaway, just mention in the comments 
 that you are a HS family. To learn more about this book 
check out their website HERE.. 

Thanks Julia

Remember  the Days -Value 49.95 USD
Medieval Days by Rob and Julia Nalle 


                                                           PIZZA MATH
                                          Thanks anonymous

                                    HOW DO OCTOPI EAT PIZZA PIE 10 USD
                             This is a very neat book for Elementary age children


                                                               DONATE HERE 

                                            We also have a you caring page HERE .  


                                               REECES RAINBOW
                                                                                     CLICK HERE

                       for the next 4 days until 9/20 ......          

                                      this giveaway will also help The Nichols Family
In 4 days a family is flying across the ocean to rescue 3 orphans from the same orphanage as Denzel and Phoenix are in. This place can end up a horror story for children but not these three.


Their mama and papa are SO close but still need aprox $4000 to say YES to all three. This is a scary place to be and I am sure the family is hurting instead of celebrating because that is $1000 a day they need. Your donation will greatly affect this family. They have a $500 matching grant so your donation will be matched once they have raised the $500. Lets get help this family RUN  for their children.
Please DONATE HERE. Every $5 will get you 1 entry in our giveaway, every $20 will get you 5. PLEASE DONT FORGET.... to comment on my blog how many entries you donate for or let Nancy know so you will be entered. THANK YOU!


  1. I shared on Facebook! ~ Frankie Miller

  2. Sharing on facebook and twitter!

  3. Donated $63 ($21 * 3 kids) for entries into the Octopi Pizza Pie book. God Bless!

  4. Donated $50! So happy for your family and thankful for your help ❤️

  5. Just donated $20 :) All the best! - Kalee M.

  6. Amanda, Donated another 5.00 and shared. Thanks and praying for you all nicche7@gmail.com

  7. Donated $100 and $60 in two separate transactions.


  8. We are missing buddy walk this year and would have spent $110 on tshirts for our whole family so I sent that to your account instead. That's 27 entries. Fingers crossed for the $50 donation so I can send that your way too! Yay for travel dates 🙂

  9. Thank you to everyone who entered my drawing to help us get our kids home and thank you to everyone who shared. I really appreciate all of the support we are getting to make this adoption a reality. I can not wait to meet my children next month.