Friday, March 3, 2017

Bogdan Reigns! - An update our our youngest adopted child.

Finally!! An update on our one of the younger children that we adopted from Ukraine when we adopted Daniel and Dryden.

First I want to say that my experience with the younger two is very different from the older two children I adopted. They are both very different than the other kids as well as in themselves. So I am going to do a blog post on each.

                                                  Bogdan(aka Boggle Woggle)
Oh this boy is a spit-fire. When we adopted him he was not much bigger than a 2 year old.(he has already shot up some) He is 5 years old and was abandoned at birth. He has fought his entire life to get where he is today. He was left at the hospital by his mom who had aborted the previous recent pregnancies. She drank adult beverage while carrying this beautiful boy in her womb. He was born prematurely and spent the first 3 months of his life in a hospital before being sent to an orphanage. It was there where all hope was lost. It was said he would never talk, never sit up, never amount to anything. That was until one day a special person stepped through those doors and saw a special boy behind the still body. She worked with him as his PT and soon he was sitting up. Sitting up turned to crawling, and soon he was walking. She had hope for the boy. She told him that one day a mama would come for him because he was special. She had to leave her job at the orphanage and the boy was left with only hope. He couldn't walk without support anymore when we adopted him but he will get back to where he was and more.  Bogdan was lucky that one person saw past his DX and saw a boy. It changed the course of his life. But when we got to him he was still so very damaged. He had no idea what it was to play with a toy. He didn't know how to play on any of our playground equipment. He didn't know how to blow his nose, or wipe his eyes. He couldn't get dressed or brush his teeth. He seemed very unaware of what a toothbrush even was. He got really scared if he needed to use the bathroom, he would even try to hold it in when placed on the toilet and cry and say don't when he started going.(he still gets scared when he has to go to the bathroom and wont tell me) He was so skinny and hungry he would regurgitate his food to save and hide it for later. Every moment he wasn't being entertained he rocked. If he was laying, sitting, standing... constant self soothing and if not physically directed into doing something he rocked and sat in the same spot for hours(I think it would of been all day if left to it). At first he wouldn't let us hug him. He had to be taught about hugs and kisses, and still he just plays out the actions, he doesn't yet feel them, he has no idea how to love or what it is but he is learning. He does know how to manipulate and twist a situation to benefit him. He knows how to follow and do what he sees. He knows how to act to please people, he knows how to survive. I see him using his survival skills everyday. A lot of it perceived as manipulation because that is exactly what it is and how he had to survive against abuse and starvation. Some of it perceived as wooing but also for survival. He is said to have sever learning disabilities but I can tell he is very smart. He hadn't been taught even the basics yet so he was like a mobile 1 year old when we adopted him but already two months home and I would say he is more like a 2 year old already. He will catch up to his peers in no time. He has mild CP and FAS, vision problems, AND potential. I am so happy we added him to our adoption. He was headed to a very bad place, an adult mental institution where he would live the rest of his life, deteriorate and be forgotten. He didn't deserve that.(No kid does) the PT at his orphanage was right. His mama would come one day.(Lucky Me)  I am so thrilled we got to him in time because he was due to be transferred, and I am so thankful the PT took special interest and helped him start to be all he could be.

So what is it like in the mental institution. Well is sucks so bad that generally there are enough beds to fill the next round of kids every year at transfer time.(yes that many kids are dying) I saw first hand kids being left alone for hours tied to their beds. I saw their bones sticking out from their skin. I smelt the urine and poop that was left in the diapers the Nannies were not cleaning. I saw misery, lack of care, failure, loss of hope and neglect. One thing I saw NONE of was love. There wasn't someone there who actually loved the kids. They are treated like animals, and not even those we call our pets. To think of Bogdan going there I can't do it. To know that there are so many kids that will, it breaks my heart into a million pieces. Bogdan has the smallest room in our house but it still has room for a brother. Compared to the places that I saw, there will always be room for just one more. So please do the kids a favor and ask yourself are you willing to give life to one more. I adopted 4 and I gave up a lot but what I gave up isn't even comparable to what they would of lost if I wouldn't of came to them. There are so many Bogdans in the world. "Diamonds in the rough." One day Bogdan will have a job, live on his own, maybe give me grand kids.... but he will not rot away in an institution and that alone is worth adopting him but we got much more, we love him. He has made my home a better place.

About Bogdan NOW.

He loves toys. He likes to sneak into all his siblings rooms early in the morning and get his favorites(of theirs) and bring them into his castle bed where he reigns. He likes to slide, swing, and play on the round-about. He likes to look at books. He is now potty trained (mostly! We are dealing with past potty trauma but he is doing great) He really likes our dog, and LOVES all of his freedoms. He fits right in with all the others and my almost 4 year old daughter is his best friend. They are constantly up to something together. He has some attachment issues but is starting to form a true attachment to her rather than just going through the motions like he does the rest of us. It is so beautiful. He has started telling me he loves me, he tells all of us but I'm not sure he truly understands what that means yet.  I can't wait for it to hit him. He is going to really grow in who he is when it does. He craves no affection yet but he doesn't seem to mind when it is offered now, he lights up. He is doing so good in a family and I can't wait to see what every tomorrow brings for him.

Bogdan Now!

Bogdan the day we met him.


He has already grown so much.

There are so many others just like him needing a mama.. to just be a mama. It is all Bogdan really ever needed to thrive. please visit Reeces Rainbow today. Your child might be waiting.

Our Boggle Woggle
waits no more.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Beautifully Difficult

Hi all! I am so sorry I haven't been able to update my blog but we had been dealing with privacy issues.

Firstly I want to say thank you to every single person who has made this journey easier by pouring out your love and support. And oddly I want to also thank those who have selfishly made it difficult on our family. If I have learned one thing while saving our children it is that there are two kinds of people. And we have to deal with both. But because of the LOVE we have for our kids both types of encounters have made us stronger.

Well guess what! They are all doing great. Don't get me wrong they are damaged, neglected children but they are on their way to knowing what it means to be loved and cared for. Here is an update on the two older boys. I will update on the younger two soon.

                                                             Daniel (Denzel on RR)

Daniel my then almost 16 year old came to America weighing only 22lbs.. He now weighs 32lbs. That is almost 50% body weight gain. He needed to be in the hospital for weeks and undergo many blood transfusions. He no longer has a nose tube but instead a G-tube in his belly. He has learned to communicate with me through sounds. During the first couple weeks home we discovered that he is blind.(at least completely in one eye, more test to follow) We discovered that he had been living off of his blood. His hemoglobin count was so low they said he shouldn't be alive. His body was so deformed, weak, and stuck. He couldn't move, he couldn't see, and he was hungry and neglected. The doctors say they have only read about these situations, they were all so happy to be a part of his journey and he was very well cared for while in the hospital. He has been home a month and he has done so well since being home. He is what I call my Hot Mess! He keeps me on my toes, and not because he is difficult but because he is Loved. Sometimes he will start screaming just to hear me run into his room. The moment I arrive by his side he will giggle at me, the giggle turns into a cackle, and then an outright deep laugh. Honestly I think he can't believe someone actually comes to his calls. "I will always come". He celebrated his first birthday in the hospital and although it isn't where we would have liked to celebrate it, it felt so amazing knowing he was being celebrated. He represents so much about the meaning of life to me. He is hope, love, salvation, and redemption. He is a beautifully damaged boy who is no longer trapped in hell, and that my friends gives me all the reason to want to celebrate him everyday.

                                   Here is a few photos to represent his recovery and healing.




      Finding Love               No more Tube!            Mom gave him cake

    Sweet sixteen and talk of home                          Home!


                                                           Dryden (Phoenix on RR)

This sweet boy was in the same orphanage as Daniel and he not only suffered emotional but also physical abuse and starvation. When we picked him up from the orphanage he had fresh marks down both his legs, and scars from the past, and at least 100 bruises. His body was so small yet he was the biggest child I would adopt weighing only 28lbs at 14 years old.  Sadly his neglect shines through in every moment of his days so far. Physically I was told this boy can not bend, he must always lie on his stomach, he can not eat from a spoon, and he is severely mentally retarded and absent minded.

I can tell you this, he is a clever boy. He watches everything and notices even the tiniest bit of change. He hates touch, and finds comfort in self harming.(he is getting better everyday) It has been tough but beautifully tough because he IS improving. I stayed in the hospital with Daniel while my husband stayed home with the other 6 kids. I remember the day I came home to him feeding Dryden pureed food from a SPOON as he was SITTING UP in his papa's(dad) lap. My eyes swelled so big. He was doing things we were told he couldn't. Doing things he was neglected the right of. He was being given the chance for the first time in his life to do something all of us take for granted. He was sitting up and eating from a spoon. FOR THE FIRST TIME AT 14 years old. He is having attachment troubles but I truly feel like he knows he is safe, and he feels the changes he is making in his life, and ours. I truly believe that this boy who was left in a crib on his tummy, abused, starved, and neglected for 14 years KNOWS he is loved. He knows he is improving. And I very much so believe that he will stand, he will walk with support. He will thrive! We don't look for excuses on why he can't but set goals and know he can. He means so much to all of us. All of the other children adore him. They want to feed him, pile him high with toys, and they take turns bringing him in their rooms so he can watch them play. He started noticing his hands a few weeks ago, he is now grabbing at toys and feeling for sensory. It is amazing that he can still smile after what he has been through But it is so sad to watch all the pain and know where he has come from.

I wish that no child had to go through what mine did but that wish will not come true until more people step forward and adopt. You can't save them by doing nothing. I know not everyone can adopt but everyone can help and everyone needs to do something. Just because you don't see it happening doesn't mean it isn't. It is and it is so sad. Let me introduce you all to Jayce he is wasting away in an institution just like my boys were. He needs a mama and papa to come rescue him NOW. He needs someone to start the process to come for him or he will age out next summer. He like my boys is a tiny teenager. He just needs a    chance. Are you his mama? Can you help find his mama if not? Please help me help Jayce. Look at him, he is a beautiful boy who like my boys just needs someone to love him, care for him, and give a home. I have a before and after picture for you all. Jayce has been institutionalized and left in a crib to die. He is almost 15 years old there is not much time.
      smiling and beautiful                     left in a crib to die.(pic 2017)

           He has a 15,000 grant! Are you his mama? Click HERE

Thursday, December 29, 2016

He is not alone

This sweet young man is my son. I rescued him two weeks ago from the bondage of a Ukrainian orphanage. 
After the Revolution and gain of independence many soldiers came home with missing limbs and other disabilities. Leaders decided that seeing such people would bring sadness to the already weeping country. So they locked them away in institutions. 

It became the norm to not see such people in the public. 

A child born with a disability is often considered by society as a curse.  
So it is the norm for those children to never come home from the hospital. 
Or doctors have been known to give parents contact info so they can have their organs harvested. 
In the black market. 
In return the family will gain a small amount of cash. 

Children left behind will be in an baby house OR orphanage until age 5. 
At age 5 they are then transferred. 

To an adult MENTAL institution, often for disabilities only physical. 

85% of these children will die within the first year of transfer. 

What happens to the remaining 15%?
They hang on and wait. 

1.For Family. 
2.For LOVE. 
3.For Death. 

Generally #3 


Organizations such as Maya's hope provides caretakers and medical interventions to orphanages in Ukraine that will ALLOW it. 

Most think the kids are better left to die. 
Remember they are a curse. 
They are considered a vegetable. 

I found my son through Maya's hope. 

He was 1 of 4 special needs orphans that I brought to America yesterday. 

Meet Daniel. 

He will be 16 in two weeks and he would have became unavailable for adoption due to his age. 
I am so lucky to have found him in time. 

When I first met him he weighed 22lbs at almost 16. 

He was so drugged he was choking on his tongue and had no idea I exist. But I knew he existed. I saw Daniel. I saw my son. 

We took Daniel to the hospital right away when we landed so that we could address the very serious situation of Refeeding syndrome. His labs were VERY BAD but not as bad as I would expect from a child in such dyer situation.  Looking at him you would not believe he has survived such a life. But the truth is he has been in this nightmare almost his entire life. He adapted and this is his norm. He has non working shunts in locations that are not ideal. But we recently found out  they are causing no real threat and it would be more of a risk to remove them so they will remain. 
His hemoglobin was only 3 which low is considered 14. So he required an immediate blood transfusion. Of all his labs only his electrolytes were in normal range. Although all labs were severely  under normal range they expected them to be much much worse due to his visual state. No child in America would survive such low numbers. He on paper is barely alive compared to normal standards but this has became his norm and he has adapted to survive. He has been in this condition for many years. He did very well receiving the new blood and it brought his hemoglobin up to a still low 4.4 but it is good progress and his color is already starting to emerge. That is one positive step on a long path of recovery. 
He has gained a couple pounds already in our care. We have had him two weeks already but in Ukraine. If you have ever wondered what it would be like for a 5 year old child to be placed in an adult mental institution in a dark cold room starved, and  left to die..... look no more, I found him and it is very sad. But I couldn't continue knowing and do nothing. We brought him home and call him son. 


The smell, sights, sounds and realization that MOST will never escape this state has left my heart shattered and it will forever haunt me. Most will not have a second chance like Daniel. We can't always expect others to do the right thing but you always can do the right thing even if it is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. You must be the change you wish to see or you can't expect change. Casting stones only builds walls. Walls only further hide the pain it doesn't erase it. I wanted to be so mad about the people who did this but If it stopped at being mad then I might as well be letting it happen too. Our boy is tough, he has survived. He is loved and love makes us stronger and I can't wait to share all the progress he will have in his future.

As I stated above there are others. Others who need you like Daniel needed me. If  you would like to know more on how to adopt one of these children please visit the Reece's Rainbow web site. There are many Special needs orphans listed from all over the world. All longing for the care and treatment they deserve. 
If your heart is lead specifically to children in Ukraine in the condition as my son Daniel I can give you more iformation but please contact me privately Here. We can be the change the world needs to see and you can make a difference in a life that is hanging on by the thinnest of threads. Every child deserves a family. Every child deserves love. 


Monday, December 5, 2016

Magical moments

I can't share pictures of our kids until they are officially ours but we have had all 4 referrals and said yes to 4 worthy children.

First we met Elizabeth who shares the same diagnosis as my bio's. She is more beautiful and amazing than I could of ever imagined. She is perfect. And it turns out she has only been an orphan for just over 1 year. That means we found her not long after she was placed in an orphanage. Her mother did not give her up but she died at the very young age of 28. She is in an orphanage for typical kids and she is SO VERY SMART. We fell in love with her instantly. Everything about her is amazing, She was shy at first but warmed up to me really fast. She is a silly little princess who took only moments to take my heart and change it forever. 

AND. GUESS WHAT? She will be legally ours this Friday. YES. YES. YES. 

She hasn't had the fortune to have proper care and her legs are fixed in a bent position as if sitting on a chair. She struggles to swallow, and during the evening visits she is much much weaker than the morning. In the evenings it is hard for her to hold her head up so she rests her chin on her chest. She is a little chatter box and loves to sing and goof off.  We don't know what types of medications she is on or if she is being sedated but I would say something isn't right. It seems more than SMA causing struggle in the evenings, the difference is just to dramatic BUT. SMA does cause you to be weaker as the day progresses  I just wouldn't expect this much. Especially going by my own interactions with the disease and the knowledge that I have. 

 She is very lucky she is in an orphanage for typical children otherwise she would be bedridden, she can't move on her own at all.. She is almost 7 and has had no schooling. Her mom must have worked a lot with her. Her family is from the village far from the city and they were very poor but she was very loved. We kept the name her mother gave her which I can share with you as soon as she is our daughter legally. We decided to do this rather than giving her a new name because we feel her mom was a blessing and a very important part of her story. 

I was told that she is in one of the best orphanages in her country and I have to agree but that didn't stop them from leaving her wet clothing on her all day when she had an accident. It broke my heart to visit her later and realize they left her in those clothes, the smell alone was awful but when they swooped her away from us she was freezing from being so wet. This is why children need parents. They need someone who cares. REALLY CARES. 

We leave really early in the morning to travel to her region and visit with her. I can't wait to see her again. It has been two weeks now since we first met her. She had the choice in weather we would be her mama and papa and she is already calling us that. It brightens our hearts very much. I am glad she accepted us as her own but it must of been hard to give up everything she has always known and call someone mama who doesn't even speak her language.  And I am very thankful that she gets to be our daughter. Just 4 more days and she will be ours forever. This has been so emotional. I cry when I see her and I cry when I leave her. Leaving her is so very hard. And getting to see her makes me so happy I don't know how to contain the emotions I've bottled up for the past 9 months waiting for this time to finally be here. I;m so happy we are here doing this. It is the most rewarding magical thing I have ever been a part of. I encourage you all to ask yourselves this holiday season. Do you have room at your table for just one more... or maybe four. 

I can't wait to tell you about our other 3 special children....

to be continued..... 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Our adoption story

Last week we got an update on our boys. It has turned my daydreams into nightmares. Adoption isn't easy but it is worth it. Every life on this earth has worth. They have meaning.

 Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a disabled child to grow up with no mom or dad. NO ONE to care for you. No one to make sure you are fed. No one to hold you and keep you safe. No one to read to you  or teach you about touch and new smells. What if you were NEVER taken out of the crib. And from birth just laid staring at a dim ceiling. And this Never was a forever kind of thing where you spend your entire childhood  trapped in a body that doesn't even move and if it does you'd find yourself tied up. Only 15% of disabled orphans live more than a year in this Hell of a life. Because they DIE! Imagine the odds of surviving 2, 3, 4 years of this ....... Now 16 years. It seems almost impossible. What if it took 16 years before someone truly saw value in you and you managed to exist . 

This is what happens to unwanted special needs children, they simply exist. I am pro life and that means more to me that not killing the child.  I can show you what happens to those kids. And it will make you sick. I thought about sparing the world. I even told others not to share this picture after showing them in private. But the world needs to know... Everyone needs to see and do whatever they can to stop this from happening to kids. If we ignore it and keep it secret it will keep happening. 

I love this child. I see value in him and I know he deserves more than to exist. This child has survived the impossible. It is a miracle that he is alive. He is beautiful and deserving. And in less than a week I will travel to make him my son. He will escape the bondage. 

Do you all realize we leave NEXT WEEK?

I can FINALLY say we do! 

And as some of you already have heard Ricky is no longer available for adoption. This is the kid that started it all for us. We might not have met him but we called him our son. We anticipated him, got his room ready in our home and started dreaming about the day he would truly be our son. Sadly that day will never come. He has been transferred out of the orphanage and now is in trade school. He has never had any kind of freedom and it feels good. So good that the boy desperate for a family decided he was better off alone. I don't think he realizes that he only has a 15% chance to make it outside of the orphanage walls. 

  When I first commit to Ricky I was so lost. I had no idea anything about adoption. I searched on YouTube for hours hoping that maybe one video would have him in it and would give me a hint to where he was. I never found him in any videos but I did keep seeing two precious sweet young boys(Maya's Hope Cutie pies) Over and over I saw their beautiful faces and I felt their pain but I saw hope in the spark in their eyes and the smiles that lit up the rooms. It was a pain that dug to the deepest pit of my being coupled with a love that was like no other  It was almost to much to take. But I didn't know anything about them or what Maya's hope was. But they were cute little boys.   

One late night I decided to look through pictures of other children in the same country as Ricky and I stumbled upon Elizabeth. A child with the same disease as my biological children. A disease that kills more young children than any other genetic disease. I know to much about spinal muscular atrophy and  exactly what was going to happen to her. She will die. I struggled with those thoughts for months. It was a struggle that consumed me and I could see her when I looked at my own children. And then one night my son who has no muscle mass fell out of his chair and hit the floor. I tried to catch him but I was to far away. He was shaking and crying and he looked at me and he said Mama "why didn't you catch me. You are supposed to catch me." I am not sure what it was but I dropped to my knees and as I held my son crying... I realized that it is very rare that my son would not have anyone there to catch him but there would NEVER be anyone there to catch Elizabeth. She was not only going to die but she will die alone. As I held my son I knew I had to adopt her too. 

And then we saw Beth. I remember the day I first saw her video my husband grabbed the computer out of my hands he said'' Who is she?'' The way he looked at her was the way he looks at our daughter. A week later he came home from work and he said that he had to know she was safe and the only way to do that was to adopt her.

Months went by and we prepared our homes and our hearts for our family to grow. 


Someone posted on Reece's Rainbow about a boy... 
And the next day Another....


Those were the boys that I had dreamt about , the boys that I cried for and fell in love with when I  had searched on youtube for Ricky. I was in such shock I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to feel. So I started advocating and sharing their story trying to find them a mama. As I learn more I realized that those toddler boys I saw were actually TEENAGE boys and one would age out in only a few months. My dreams of them became nightmares as I realized exactly their situation and the Hell they were living. I discovered that those cute sweet videos was a time from the past. Just two years had past and they had dwindled to almost nothing. It was  shocking to see new photos of them. What shocked me most was that they could be adopted and NO ONE was coming for them, and it was very obvious that they would die of starvation long before any disease/disability got them. As time moved closer and closer to the older child aging out I decided to secretly commit and I was starting the process to adopt them. We would come home with our 3 children and I would turn around and go right back for 2 more. And thanks to Reece's rainbow and their waiting child grants we were going to be able to do that.

But then I got an update on the boys It was very bad. I realized I would never make it. I didn't feel like they had any time to spare and so much could go wrong and us not get to go back as fast as I would hope. My heart sunk. It was a couple weeks later when someone reached out to me and told me that another family would like to adopt Beth. We also heard in the SAME week that Ricky wasn't sure he wanted to be adopted. My mama heart didn't know what to do but we decided to bring the boys home NOW  after talking to our social worker and getting the go to add a 4th child. Now we couldn't be commit to 5 children and only approved for 4 so we had to make a tough choice. We had two options. Give Ricky a chance to say Yes and hope with all our hearts he does and let the other family adopt Beth. OR.. Throw Ricky to the wolves and adopt Beth. The choice seemed clear.

Now that Ricky has said No. That means that we are only coming home with 1 of the original 3 children we had planned to adopt. What a roller-coaster. Oh how we LOVED Beth. Giving her up was one of the hardest things we have ever done. But if we were going to save the boys we had to make a choice.  It still hurts us deeply and I don't know if it will ever go away but I am not her mama. She will always have a very special place in our hearts. Her family is almost done with all their paper work and she will be in country to adopt her  before I leave with my children. She will have a big family and lots of siblings to call her own. We really wanted Ricky to say yes. I wish he would of said yes but he didn't. So what does that mean for #4

We had a backup child in mind encase something were to happen and we can't bring home one of our 4. Because honestly we just want to make sure we can do all we can  to help children find families and despite all the pain we can find happiness in knowing we can still help a child find a family. We are adding a child from Reece's Rainbow called Matt he is 5 and still in a baby house. His future was said to be bleak. Doctors said he would never sit up, and never walk. He can do both because he is in a great place where the Nannies and Therapists care but that all ends when a child turns 5. Matt would go to an institution like my boys where he could face a life similar to their fate. We truly believe that if you can help. You should help. so we are. I can't believe we leave NEXT WEEK for 3 sons and 1 daughter. Before the end of the year I will be a mama of 7! 


Seven. Worthy. Amazing. Children.  
We are still just under $4000 short of being funded to adopt all 4. 
We couldn't imagine leaving any child behind. Click Here if you would like to help. 
The Reece's Rainbow Grant account needs to read $19,000 and we will be fully funded. Currently 
it reads $15117.25 We have less than a week. 

Less. Than. A. Week. eeeK Mama and Papa are coming Loves.

If you would like to learn more about adoption or to find how you can help children find families 


Saturday, October 22, 2016

I have Winners

I am one step closer too. This giveaway raised almost $1000. That is a big chunk and I can't think you enough. I want to especially thank the people who donated items to this giveaway it couldn't of been possible without you.

I am sure you all want to know who won these amazing prizes. I wish I had something to give everyone but I am happy to say that I have something for a lucky few.  Thank you to EVERYONE who entered. Aprox 50 people entered this giveaway making up 100's of entries. It took me almost 2 hours to write all of your names and I will not forget you.

               Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winners 

                           Ipod Nano       Jennifer M. 

             Ninja Blender   Jenny P.
           ....... and other awesome prizes 

              Afghan                Laurie H.
              Flower Quilt         Ivy A. 

              Cross Quilt           Ronna S

              Pick a Child          Hilda L.

              Painted stemware Samantha S.

              Wooden Box         Carol M.

              Designer Earrings Wanda L.

              Child's Purse         Tracy H. 

         ....... and both or our homeschool prizes

                     Medieval Days Book 

              Pizza Math Book
       Idaho Neumans you won BOTH of our homeschool prizes. 

Thank you again for your  support and encouragement as we travel the journey of adoption. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done. You are making miracles by helping families who adopt. We couldn't do this without you. THANK YOU!! If you won please email me at






Friday, October 21, 2016

We have our Dates!

I am to the moon today. I have re-played this morning over and over again in my head. Every time I just get a little more excited. I tried not to be to loud over the news because my kids were sleeping but by the time I was off of the phone with my facilitator they were all up and at my ankles asking '' what is it'', '' what is it mama?'' We have our travel dates!! Our first referral appointment is 11/21

My biological children go to Shriner's hospital for children every week and today is that day. I couldn't wait to tell our team there and lets just say the entire occupational and Physical therapy staff was cheering for us. They are excited to meet their new little ambassadors. Some of you may not know but my children are one of the many faces of Shriner's. The hospital has been behind my family since before our first diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy. They help us with equipment, therapy, and give us a lot of love. My son is actually due for a hip surgery as soon as we return with the children. It is a surgery that hasn't been performed in the United states yet. We are going to be a busy family come the begging of next year. 

A lot of people have asked me if I am getting nervous. I have no idea why but NO. Not even a little. I feel that I am on the exact path I should be and all I feel is excitement. I will be the proud mama of 7 Amazing children come Christmas, and I couldn't ask for a better gift.

Now as you all might remember we are having a pretty awesome giveaway that I said I would end when we get our dates you can check it out in detail just click  HERE ! I will draw at 9pm Eastern Time and announce the winners Tomorrow 10/22.  Don't miss your chance to win an Ipod, Ninja blender, or many more. Each Ticket is $5 or $20 for 5. We still need $5,700 to be fully funded. When THIS ACCOUNT reaches $16,000 we will be funded.