Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The fate of the forever wait

                                                     Do you like having to wait?

Sometimes as we wait time seems to creep by for what feels life forever. At least it does for me. I had to go to Tractor supply last week for goat food and I swear  it felt I was in line for an half hour. The person ahead of me was dealing with a email issue and the system wasn't accepting his new information. There was only one register open. At the point of me being in line for 10 minutes a man comes up behind me. He huffs and waits maybe a minute before he began to get restless. He then started pacing and looking at his watch. A worker started to open a register near and despite me being their for much much  longer he literally took off like lightning to the register telling her thank goodness I didn't have to wait in that line. I didn't move but watched the line fill faster than I could of got to it. There are lots of times in our life were we have no control over our waiting, and it seems like time stands still. Most moments the reality is we are inpatient, feel entitled, and we have better things to do than wait, and people can be plain out rude with their disregard of the world around them. I waited a total of 13 minutes, and I watched people get upset about waiting less. Now think about this for me

                                                           What if you had to wait?

                                                                      AND WAIT.
                                                     WITH NO CHANGE EVER!



This is the reality of so many children and many adults trapped in institutions all over the world. Most of these countries are very poor unable to even afford proper food but they could do better. Some children live their entire life never leaving a crib. Many die young and many are still in a crib 16+ years later. Many still using a bottle and in a diaper when they shouldn't be. No toys, no art on the wall. No one picks them up, many will never see what it is like to go outside. When I adopted my children they were double diapered and it weighed more than they did. I think they might have got changed once a day.  I saw the tragedy of children living in cribs first hand. I adopted 3 children from cribs ages 15,14 and 6 last December, and one of the children I am planning to adopt this year is also in a crib. She is THIRTEEN!. The walls are bare, no toys hanging about. Her special need is DOWN SYNDROME!! NO CHILD deserves to spend forever in a crib but a child with DS can lead a pretty normal life. It is so sad. This child was transferred to an institution at a very young age and at that point she received very little care and very little change. Spending most of her days in a crib, her spirit nor her body had what it needed to grow.

                                             THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.
                                                                      But. It. Is.

Now lets go back to the man in line at tractor supply. He felt entitled to his time and freedom. Maybe a bit to entitled to the point he was rude by cutting in front of others waiting longer. This little girl I plan to adopt has been waiting for 13 years not 13 minutes. Imagine that. It is nothing short of torture. I don't like sitting in the same spot for an hour so I especially could not imagine a life time of it. I know I don't paint a really good picture so maybe this will.

4 children way to old for cribs. All much older than they look.
Not a single toy in any of the cribs. Bare walls.( Reign is on the left) 

13 years!! She still waits.
Nothing in her crib not a single toy.

Finally she has a blanket. She holds tight to it.

This is Reign the little teenage girl we plan to adopt.
Her life is her crib.


There has never Ever been an adoption from her orphanage. From this institution NO child has ever escaped the fate of the forever wait.

In a place far away from Reign I adopted  4 children last year.

In December of 2016  we changed the fate of a child who was also in a crib. He spent 14 years alone, often sedated and sometimes tied up. Also way to small for his age. These photos are from his life in Ukraine. 

In the same institution we adopted another child who barely escaped fate. We adopted him just weeks before he aged out of the process of adoption. Also often tied up and very starved and sedated. These photos are from his life in Ukraine.

We changed the fate of one more child who spent most of her time in a crib, and was due to be transferred to an institution where she would spend ALL time in a crib, we don't expect she would have lived a year in those conditions due to her already terminal disease. Here she is placed in a chair for a photo in front of her crib.

As you know we adopted 1 other child but he was not bedridden waiting in a crib. What we did learn though was his life was still spent with lots of time waiting in his bed. I'm not sure why but it is very common that rather than dealing with the kids day to day they place them in bed. 


There are many children who are waiting that should not be in their cribs and you can help. You can help me adopt, you can share kids who need to be adopted, or you can adopt.

Here are some other kids who wait.

The first little girl has a family coming for her. Thank goodness. I have met her and she is in a very bad place stuck in a crib. She is 16.

Here is another boy who is with the girl above. Also trapped in a crib he is 8. Except this photo is before transfer. He is like a skeleton now. He had such a light about him and is available for adoption. I was his Christmas warrior last year and he has a grant over $1000. Meet Quinn.

Another child who really needs a family is Logan. Logan is 4 and due to be sent to a very bad institution this summer. One that is known for isolation and caging children and men for days on end. This particular institution does not do well for kids who are in a crib. Most die within the first year. Look at Logan! He is nothing short of amazing. He is in what is called a baby house orphanage now.  There is a charity that helps care for him and gives him therapy(he will loose all of that). He is doing great but we expect him to not survive the upcoming transfer please share him. His adoption grant has over $4500.

Lets not Let the Wait. Their fate is to die in their cribs but we can change that.

Go to the links of the two children above to donate to their waiting grants.

Or you could help us adopt by donating


Thank you so much to all who help.



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  1. I've been there, I've watched her wait. I waited too. I waited for the director to finally say 'yes' and allow the children to be listed for adoption. And now, I wait with you, and for you to bring her home!