Friday, April 21, 2017

Girls love Diamonds- husband brag.

My husband, the father to almost 9 littles is an amazing man, he not only said yes we can adopt but he opened his heart to 4 kids our FIRST adoption and as soon as we got them home he said yes to two MORE. He wouldn't dare say No because he knows what that would mean for the children and it would kill him to know that he can help and wouldn't, so he does. It is why I do it.

Firstly we get zero government help, we didn't even qualify for the tax credit for our adoption so we will see zero of the money back, while lots of families do benefit, not us. My adopted kids are not on disability(although disabled), they are not on any waivers, we DO NOT get food stamps(This was recently assumed) It goes all the way down to we even home school our children so the government isn't even paying for our children's education like most. This can seem intimidating to those who really want to adopt but feel like they can't do it without help, The truth is that these kids have never had medical care, never had any education and they are dying. You alone  DO have SO MUCH to give.

My husband works hard to provide for every child in our home. He makes sure they all have what they need.  I am so proud of him, I am honored to have him in my life enabling me to give these precious children Love. He is such a great Dad/Papa and he is Rocking this adoption stuff like lots of dads I know. He deserves so much for what he has sacrificed and continues to sacrifice so that others can have a good, loving life.

Also a small piece of info for all those negative naysayers and opinionaters trying to take the credit from the fathers. The adoption process eliminates all people who would bring kids into this country just to mooch off of our government. It is why we need USCIS approval to immigrate the children here, and it is the purpose of the home study in part. We have to PROVE without a shadow of a doubt that we can do this with the income we have, and although the income that we have is often low it is enough because we have our priorities set to put our children first above all things and our life shows that.

We get lots of comments about how the government must take care of our kids, short answer NOPE We do. It isn't hard, we chose kids over Netflix, kids over cable, kids over a nice fancy cars, kids over wasted space in a home,. Honestly we even grow some of our food and have live-stock to make up the gap in our pantry. We have all we need and more. There is one thing though,  like all girls, I love  LOVE Diamonds! YES that is right girls, and can you believe that my husband got me FOUR DIAMONDS for Christmas last year?? You heard right, I named them Victoria, Bogdan, Dryden, and Daniel and boy do they shine.

I just want to give my and all wonderful husbands a bit of credit where deserved and to let everyone know that families don't adopt to get help, we adopt to help. But we are only human and YES sometimes we can't do it alone. For example: it was a community that helped pay for the diamonds my husband gave me last Christmas. It was because of all of you that we can do this. It isn't because of the government but US and YOU, Thank you for helping us get our kids home and continuing to help us with the ransom to bring our daughters home, you too deserve so much credit, thank you and thank you to my sweet husband.

If you would like to help us on our journey we have a You Caring Link and we now have a Reece's rainbow sponsorship Grant as well. Wahooo.


If you would like to help a family with the ransom of a saving a child please check out these sections of Reece's rainbow, many families trying to raise the ransom.






Because of Reece's rainbow, amazing advocates, and willing families I am so excited to also keep a lookout at this amazing link! It is here letting us all know who made it home.





  1. I pray that my husband will change his mind and want to adopt.

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